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Quality Ingredients

All our plant material is sourced from reputable growers and suppliers. This ensures that our products are not only sustainable, but also consistent in quality.

Mobility Matters

Quality of life includes having flexible and pain free joints. Talk to us if you require assistance with the symptoms of Gout and Arthritis.

While we stock a range of products, our inflammation drops, gout drops and pain relief spray make a winning combination for treatment of high uric acid levels and joint pain respectively.

Fiona Juan

Professional Experience

With over twenty years of experience in the herbal products field, Herbal health practitioner,  T.Dr. Fiona Juan brings her passion for research, attention to detail and meticulous methodology to the production of products that do what they say they will do.

Professional Support

 If you need advice on safety of our preparations or what they are used for, please do consult us on whatsapp 0835878025. We are here to help. 


Our Team

Fiona Juan
Fiona Juan PR 043158 THO Herbal Health Practitioner

The right plant in the right dose for the right purpose.

In an industry filled with natural products being irresponsibly taken without proper consideration, we follow the policy of "first do no harm." Each product is carefully formulated to be as effective as possible without side effects. We offer in branch consultation as well as telephonic consultation so that our clients are using our products responsibly and for best results.

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Sershan Nydoo Herbal Health Consultant